Photo a Day – Week Five

Here we go again.

And here we go with trying to eat healthily.

Can’t resist a flower covered in raindrops….

More Daffodils, this time on our walk in the garden of a local Church.

SO now we see why I was trying to be healthy earlier in the week. Out for tea with Gav and H and Buddy came too. He may have found a chip on the floor! This pub does the most fattening unhealthy but delicious vegetarian ‘fish’ and chips ever! Deep fried Halloumi cheese!

His lifes work.

Getting the over-wintered Dahlia tubers into pots.

Master of all he surveys.

And that was that!

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – Week Five”

  • I like both the Bud photos – especially the master of all … LOL

    I cannot wait for spring flowers, this recent 4 day winter storm was awful – everything is encased in thick ice, I think it will be mid to late May when we finally get spring flowers.

    Oh yes trying to eat healthy, it’s so hard!!! I like Gardein’s “fish” for veggie fish’n chips. Never thought of deep fried cheese … umm now there’s an idea

  • You have had a tough time of the weather at that side of the pond! And yes deep fried cheese is superb!

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