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Back with more tales from last summer.

The Breakfast Spot

Here is the story –

Amazingly we had not pinned down the place we were going to eat breakfast but luckily Bev and David went on a very early morning wander and found Cosi just round the corner. Quiet and lots and lots to choose from as there always is on a USA menu. It was so good we went back the next two mornings as well. Breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, bagels, pancakes, ice tea and coffee we tried the lot.

Here is an example of one of those layouts I mentioned before where I have photos I want to put in an album but don’t want to make a double page spread. I used a 6 pocket page to include a few more photos from our breakfast cafe. I know it takes up the same space as a double page spread but I prefer this method of adding more photos. Somewhere in my head I have negative memories of making two page layouts! It is a big canvas and takes more time to get right. I used to do it occasionally way back when it was more popular to do them and I don’t dislike the handful I have in my albums but these days it is very rare indeed that I choose that option.

The story is all about our three mornings eating breakfast at Cosi. Apart from the food and the location, right around the corner from the hotel, I think we loved it because it was so quiet. We assumed it was like this because it was the weekend and our hotel was a business-y part of Arlington. Whatever the reason we liked that it we had the place almost to ourselves.

Lovely story and happy I have it documented.

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