Layout Share – We Made It

I got a few more pages made a couple of weeks ago for the USA trip album and here is one of them from our first day.

Here’s the story –

I feel like we are all taking an enormous breath and realising that we are here after all that planning. Maybe it was just me? They were certainly sizing it up, not just the vast museum but the adventure to come. We’d done battle with AVIS, the heat when we got out of the car and Gav and I were preparing to see the last Shuttle. We rang Nana and wandered. Gav on his own, me with H and Bev with David. Yes, we’d made it!

I have mentioned it many times before but I’ll say it again here, this is one of those photos that pulled me towards putting it on a page. The idea of telling the story about us finally arriving on this holiday popped up as I thought about just why I wanted to scrap this picture. The feeling I got from it was that moment of breathing, relaxing so the story came together. I could have said much more but was running out of room on the page. Overall I think it captures more or less what I wanted to say and I’m happy it in the album.

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