Layout Share – Me and that DNA

Here is a story from the Washington D.C part of our trip last year.

Me and that DNA

Here’s the story –

Of all the museums on the Mall this is the one I wanted to take them into because of the Ruby Slippers and Kermit! But no! They were both having some refurbishment. BOO! It was okay in the end though because they saw the amazing US flag, the pottery and dresses of the First Lady’s and then this. Harrison’s or should I say Indiana’s hat and whip from Raiders. It was Gav that made the DNA remark but hey it was so true. In the presence of actual Harrison actual DNA. Wow!

Typing this fun story out I’m wondering how many exclamation marks I can fit into a paragraph? Never really one for proper gramma………. Anyway as I say a fun page that documents some of the other things we saw in that museum as well as the props from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Also on this layout I have put both photos right next to each other to form one block. I don’t do that very often preferring margins around the photos but sometimes it is good to have a change. It does give a different feel to the page and on this occasion I like it.

2 thoughts on “Layout Share – Me and that DNA”

  • Phew I thought you were going to tell a tale about getting that 23 & Me test … fun story, fun memory. Not to brag (too much) but I have seen the Ruby Slippers up close; Judy had tiny feet. I think the slippers are somewhat like seeing the real Mona Lisa, not what you expected. I like a grid layout & yours does not disappoint.

    How’s the new job moving along? Feeling more comfortable in it?

  • Lucky thing you! And thanks for asking about the job……. actually I have started another one! I never do this kind of thing but fate was cruel! The day after I accepted the other job I saw a job advertised that is literally 5 mins down the road and more pay, so I went for it and was lucky enough to get it. Gav says I really have to stay in this one…….lol.

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