Photo a Day – The Missing Week

Last week I shared, according to my calculations, week fifty one and fifty two. I start this project around my birthday week therefore it runs mid March to mid March. Also I generally post a week late so this could be where my ‘year’ has gone awry. Anyway for correctness and in order start 2018/2019 posting photos during my birthday week I need to share another seven days.

So here they are.

My favourite breakfast but not very good for me!

Pretty view and aptly named street.

Adorable book on the counter at the vets.

Three inch snowfall in an hour….. So beautiful.

And the next day? All gone.

Time for a haircut.

She’s crawling……. and poised to put those keys right in there! Bless her adorable heart.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – The Missing Week”

  • Sorry I missed your birthday. Sending very happy, if not late, birthday wishes. I need to get my self in for a trim, it’s quite a shaggy look I’m sporting. Your garden in snow looks calendar perfect.

  • Your birthday wishes were perfectly timed! Thanks. And thanks you for the comment about the snow pictures! I don’t get as much practice as you do, you lucky thing!

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