Organising Photos and Thoughts on a Big Holiday Album

Further to my ramblings recently about holiday albums my brain kept on whirring about this subject and I felt I needed to have a plan. As luck would have it I’d just bought a new album that I could designate as a home for the 2017 holiday layouts.

I popped the handful of pages already made into the album after adding the tag to the spine.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned the albums I tend to use so here is a look at them on the shelf.

They are the American Crafts 12 x 12 D ring albums. I have brown, red, red stars and a black and white camera pattern that started as an Amy Tangerine branded product.

For the content of each album I use Stacy Julian’s method of categorising my layouts. She has four categories – All about Us, People we Love, Things we Do and Places we Go. Sometimes after I have leafed through an album I think I should change the categories more to just chronological but so far I’ve just left them as those four story themes.

Anyway, back to the planning….

When I get back from a holiday like the one last year I want to print ALL the photos! I don’t but I do print more than I will ever be able to or want to scrap.

I have a couple of thoughts about this. The first is that a photo is better printed and in my hand than on my computer. That way I have it if I ever wanted it for scrapping but also I have it to look at. And second is that having a big bunch of pictures triggers stories that I might have forgotten about or prompts stories I hadn’t yet seen.

After getting them back from the printers I organise the photos more or less chronologically and into story ideas. You can see below that I have a box for this and I stack them horizontally, vertically, horizontally, vertically…… and keep them all in that box.

Then I grabbed my note book and looked at some of the stories I’d already jotted down and then back at the pile of photos I now have organised. I managed to add several more story ideas to the list.

A word on the story thing. For an album like this one there will be lots of stories that tell the who, what, where, when and why. The obvious so to speak. Here we are at the White House, here we are during the eclipse, here we are with Mickey Mouse. If you have been here a while you know that my quest is to tell the ‘right’ stories. After a few years of making layouts without a story at all (I know… but I was more about the creating then) I hopped on the Ali Edwards bandwagon and try to focus on documenting our stories rather than just a photo and some embellishments.

In the 52 stories posts I tried to get the stories I wanted to tell down on the page. It is a work in progress and that is ok.

For big holiday albums I want to try and capture all the stories. Some of the who, what, when, where, some of the fun, some of the quirky ones and some that are more in depth, more heartfelt.

By planning and looking at photos all together I have found it easier to get ideas down on paper and spark some of these stories.

In past albums that document big trips one way I’ve used photos that don’t warrant a layout but do need to be seen in the album is by adding them in pocket pages. I started doing this in 2013 for our USA adventures and below are some of the pages from the 2015 holiday to America.

Above the photos in the pocket page relate directly to the layout on the right. I realise it is taking up the same amount of room in the album but sometimes I prefer this method to a double page layout.

In the example above and two below the subjects in the pockets loosely relate to the layouts. There are placed in the correct chronological order to help deepen the story without adding another six layouts to the album.

And below are photos of a garden visit that I may yet want to make into a layout. By popping them into the album I know exactly where they are should I decide to make the pictures into a page.

Organising this kind of album may seem like a lot of work and it is. But I’d rather spend some time planning and getting all the stories told than making a lot of mismatched pages that jump about and don’t tell the whole story.

I’m well on my way in the planning phase and I’ve made quite a few more pages that I’ll be sharing here weekly. It’s all good stuff.

On with the story telling!