Layout Share – The Car Debacle

Here we go with another story from last years USA trip.

The Car Debacle

Here’s the story –

When you get in a hire car and it smells of curry and a dashboard warning light comes on and Gav says he wants to go back in and exchange the car…… listen to him. Don’t say ‘oh, we’ll clean it.’ From that first smelly warning to the decision to exchange it and the cancelling of our contract, to the waiting for it sorting at 11pm and getting lost and the double charging…… Yes listen to Gav! 

Oh dear. What an adventure we had with that car! But it did all work out in the end. Of course when I took the photos I didn’t know the woes we were going to suffer I just wanted to capture them and the cars we rented, it’s a tradition. It makes for a good story and I was happy to have the photos to go with it!