Photo a Day – Week Fifty One and Fifty Two

Playing catch up for these last two weeks of our year in photos.

Interesting patterns on these towels.

Hellebore glory. Waiting for this new one to open up.

No words needed!

I’m sure he shouldn’t be in the border….

Real life photo, weeds and all. These are a few pots of Foxgloves that are waiting to get planted or maybe I’ll just pop them into bigger pots and see what happens?

Continuing to practice with the macro lens.

My Mum, older niece and sweetie pie!

And week fifty two.

Some of my family headed to Sherwood Centre Parcs and I joined in the fun for an overnight stay. Here is the sweetie pie again looking at the local wildlife.

My sister and aforementioned child!

The welcome home committee. Gav and I looked after pooches at my sisters house while the others were away.

We had a turn in the weather with big snowstorms and temperatures to make these. We are not used to this in the UK.

Because of the snow I set off extra early for work and managed to call for treats on the way. Yep more cinnamon buns…….oh dear!

Back at home and the snow covered garden.

Still snowy with added crazy pooch.

And that wraps up another year in photos!