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Let me tell another one………

Here I Stand

Sometimes you have a bunch of pictures you really want to include in your album but there isn’t a story to go with them. Or is there?

Here is what I had to say –

Here is a story told in the images of my feet. It is true to say that I love to take pictures of my feet and even better to capture different surfaces, different shoes and clothes. Usually it’s just jeans. But in Portugal I pushed the boat out and went for the whole lot. Give me a surface to stand on and I’ll snap away.  

My thought processes for this page…… I had about eight photos of my feet from our holiday in Portugal and really wanted to scrap them. Mainly because I love photos of my feet as I said above. After pondering what to say I just plonked them on the page and wrote about what I saw. Basically a simple story about how I love to snap my feet.

As I came to write out this post what also struck me was that in a few years it won’t only be that story but also a nod to the person I was then. Quirky, funny and wanting to capture the physical presence I made on the landscape. Oh, deep! HA……..

I think I’ll leave it there!