Bloom 2018 – Planning and Pondering

It is that time of year again. How many years have I been sharing my endeavours to grow flowers for the house here on the blog? Quite a few now and I still love every part of this experience.

I have talked many times before about how I want to push my flower arranging skills and that I stalk florists on Instagram and feel downhearted sometimes when all of theirs are so amazing and mine are not! But that is part of it all. And I’m ok with it. I keep trying and like I say love the whole experience from selecting seed, sowing seed, pricking out seedlings, planting out and then picking and arranging.

I feel that it’s part of who I am now and that feels great!

I placed my seed order a week or so ago. I had a good look at my Pinterest board which has many of my arrangements from years past in the hope to change it up a little. So all the usual suspects are in the mix, Calendula, Cerinthie, Cosmos, Helianthus, Salvia, Scabious. But I also added a couple of different flowers too just to try and vary my arrangements. Linaria, which is delicate and elongated to add height and Malope, which I hope will create that saucer shape which you see in all the trendy instagrammers bunches. We will see.

Right now I should stop typing and get out there preparing. Here is to another lovely floriferous year!

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