Photo a Day – Week Fifty

Loving lighter nights around here. It’s only a few minutes I know but makes all the difference.

It’s still been cold and here you can see the days worth of ice from the birds water dish.

More wandering around the village during my lunch break and I found this beauty! It was sited in the wall of what was an out building but now a barn conversion so basically in the wall of a house! It is an unusual post box in my opinion. I have seen VR wall boxes before but not this style. This one originally had a hood covering the slot and has a little hinged flap still in situ. Also the boxes I’ve seen previously had flat tops and this one is angled. I was really happy to have found it!

A little snow and a silly pooch running crazy.

A birthday gathering. How did she grow up so fast?

Mooching round the garden with the macro lens again and managed to stay sill enough to grab this photo of a lady Blackbird.

Ice crystals on pansy leaves.

Coffee and a sticky bun with my BFF.

And that was another week.