Layout Share – The Return of Vinyl

Oh vinyl! I was smiling like a Cheshire cat just typing this up because I am in love with the vinyl still. But then I looked at the photos of my layouts and realised I haven’t actually written the story on the page! Oops.

Although it’s an oops moment I can now type up the story here and transcribe it onto the page! So it’s all ok in the end.

Here is what I want to say –

Let a new quest begin! Not only has the record player provided a new appreciation of music and of the music I listened to as a child but it has also given us the excuse to scour charity shops and seek out vinyl selling establishments wherever we happen to be. I loved doing the research for both our trips to the US last year, noting the locations of some record shops to visit. And of course we loved the actual visiting, and purchasing. We adore a quest! So bring on the vinyl please, yes bring it on.

All in all I’m now glad I forgot to write on the layout because it has reminded me that I must draft out the story before I put pen to page. I know that the story has changed. It has become more reflective and more focussed on the enjoyment of seeking out vinyl not simply of visiting record shops in NYC and New Orleans. It has turned into more of a ‘this is how I want to live’ story, an example of embracing the experience of listening to and enjoying the process of finding records not just buying more stuff!

Really happy to have this story in my albums.

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