Photo a Day – Week Forty Nine

This little watering can features often in my photos and I love it. I’m not bothered about repeating types of pictures. It’s good to see a similar image that reflects the changes in the garden, light and weather.

A new adventure began when I found myself another job! Yay and boo all at once! One day a week I work in a village and in my quest for the 10K steps I set off to explore at lunchtime. Very old church and pretty stone buildings greeted me on that wander.

Trying the macro lens again and not getting it quite in focus but I loved light and shadows in this one and the texture of the plant added a lovely quality too.

Burts Bees has been my lip balm of choice for several years. I thought the peppermint was unavailable but my sister found some. It gives your lips a gentle tingle and smells so lovely.

Got a lift to the other place I work and caught this sunrise.

Very cold morning, hence my hood up as well as a hat. I was going to straighten this photo up in photo shop but resisted. Sometimes unedited is the way to go.

And here is another less than perfect photo. I wanted it here in the mix of my 365 photos because it captures one of those moments. We had the Olympic curling on the T.V and Buddy was chewing a toy. A lovely Sunday all round.

And there we go.