Layout Share – Icecream vs 90 degrees

Here’s another story from our big trip last year. To recap we flew to Washington D.C then drove south to see the Eclipse in Tennessee. South again to New Orleans and our last stop was Disney World. Phew! It was a crazy drive but if you have read here for any length of time you know that’s how do our USA road trips.

Here is a layout from the Washington leg of the trip.

Ice cream vs 90 degrees

Here’s the story –

We had been walking for ages….. and found that little sculpture garden with the fountain. There was a cafe, surely they had ice cream? Off B, D and H went. But no ice cream in the cafe. They did come back with some though from the ice cream van which was a walk away. Ran back I should say. It was a race to eat it before it melted. Messy but yummy.

Fun and funny story captured and in the album.