Photo a Day – Week Forty Eight

Another year in photos is nearly over! If you recall I don’t start this project in January but around my birthday instead. Anyway, a few more weeks to go yet….

Who needs a blanket?

Lots of sunny days and I embraced the practice of using the macro lens for a few garden photos. Not on full macro mode in this shot but 100mm. I loved the contrast of alive and not so much alive in this picture. And the light of course…. always the light.

Got lucky the following day with icy Hellebores. I used the full macro here but admit I did zoom in a bit more in Photoshop. Not quite in focus I know but still not bad for someone who refuses to embrace a tripod! You really do need a tripod with a macro lens.

Again same lens not on full macro and not as bright a day either but love this Iris and the little droplets of water.

What was I saying about ‘Jack Reacher’ books?! Looks like I read another one eh? Plus treats….

And after writing about my adventures in quilting I actually felt inspired to try to finish one. So basting here we go. I do not like basting at all. Bad for my old knees and I never seem to put enough pins in to hold the quilt sandwich together and get puckering… But at least it’s almost finished.

Lovely sunset from my craft room window.

Okay there we go.