December Daily® 2017 – Day Sixteen to Twenty Five

At last, I have completed last years December album. The delay was partly due to waiting for the photographs now that I have no reliable printer and partly due to lack of motivation. I know myself and I know that I need to try and complete this album as I go because I lose enthusiasm if time ticks on. I’ll have to get a strategy sorted out before this December!

But never mind that here are the last few days.

Used a flip up page to get two little stories into the album on the 16th. I also used a 9 pocket page (moved from earlier in the album) to add photos of all our festive mugs. I adore a festive cup so it was a nice visual story to add in.

I used both sides of the nine pocket page.

As you will notice I have a few places to add in words but I know I’ll get there. Here is day seventeen and the story of the trip north for our anniversary. I used a wooden deer stapled inside the far right pocket and positioned it so you can see the ’18’ through.

Some of these photos are the last few I tried to print at home. I started to get fancy with a fold out page for our break away but the quality of the photos was making me so cross…… I did finish it and although the photos are not good I’ll live with it!

Using washi tape to adhere the two pages together. I also added in an index tab.

The photos sort of merge together for these couple of days but I’m fine with that.

Did manage to add a few words to that ’19’ card.

Not much happened on the twentieth so I simply filled the pockets with pretty cards added a little ‘thankful’ story and left it at that.

H came over on the 21st and I used my typewriter to jot down a few highlights. That photo of us wrapping tells it all really though. Such a helpful girl trying to get me organised! And of course we had our festive headgear on!

On the right of that page above is day twenty two and a story about going to spend time with my other niece and our newest addition.

I ordered a large photos of the mantle and below one of Gav in the kitchen love how they look in the album.

Some word stickers were added to the photo on the right and I popped a piece of gold star transparency into the pocket above that photo.

And then the big day. I kept many of the tags and bits and bobs attached to gifts this year. My sister went all out and there were little wooden shapes and glittery stars.

My older niece, nephew and baby elf! Had to get all the elves together right?

So there we go. I’ll add my writing then tuck this away with all the others for ten months…….

Although I found getting this album finished a bit of hard work still love this project so much and am really glad I have these stories all together.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.