Layout Share – Top of the Rock

Happy Thursday.

Just to be contrary after my ramblings last week about the 2017 holiday album here is a story that’s not from that holiday at all!

Top of the Rock

Here is the story –

I was determined to get up there and wandered over to the Rockefella Centre while Gav was in MOMA on my birthday. Of course it was closed but had the all important info taped to the door. Open on the 15th at 8am. I would be there. And I was. I made it up in the lift by myself and up the escalator right at the top. It was magical ascending into the cold air out into a snow covered NYC but in the bright sunshine and apart from the security guard I was all alone for ages. I looked around at all those views and was SO happy. It was worth getting out of bed for.

Oh goodness! Just writing out this story again gives me goosebumps! Not sure my words really convey the special and magical ten minutes I experienced on the Top of the Rock but I love this layout all the same. A truly amazing time and so glad it is a story in my albums.


Edited to add – Of course I blogged about my visit back in March 2017 but totally forgot that post when I wrote up my story! Maybe I’ll print the post out and add it into the album.

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