Layout Share – But First Coffee

Here we go with another story from our trip. I realised I should have posted this story first as it is at the beginning of our holiday but it doesn’t really matter.

But First Coffee

Here is the story-

So here we are at the airport waiting, excited. And of course we had to get a Starbucks to send us off in style. H and I went to get them from the busy counter. They all went off shopping and I just stood and pondered our adventure to come…..

At last I had the right story to use that lovely cup die cut from a Shimelle collection for American Crafts. And that cute puffy sticker cup too!

I realised just now as I wrote that little bit in the first paragraph about posting the layouts in or out of chronological order that I need an overall plan for this album. So far I have made about ten layouts and used photos from different parts of the trip.

I usually treat these big holiday albums as a story beginning to end, in other words I put  them into the album in chronological order. It just makes sense to me that way and you get an overall feeling of how the holiday happened.

As I get to the final few layouts I review what I have done so far to make sure I haven’t missed an important story. It may have been forgotten because the was no photo directly relating to the tale. This happened with my 2015 USA holiday album. As I was flipping through all the pages I realised I’d forgotten the story about watching the movie on the plane. So I added that one in.

So my plan for last years holiday is to arrange all the photos first. I have stacked them in a box and I’m going to go through the box and sort into order. Once that’s done I’ll sort into particular stories and keep reviewing as I go of course.

I’m in no rush. I don’t feel the pressure to scrap at all, thank goodness. That wouldn’t be much fun and we all know that my scrapbooking goes in phases with all my other hobbies! This week quilting, next week painting…..

I know I have hundreds of stories to tell from years ago as well as ones happening right now so I’ll get to them all or I won’t. It’s all good. But it’s also good to have a little plan.

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