One Little Word® 2018 – Practice

This is the fifth year I am embarking on walking with a word.

Previous words were –

  • Listen
  • Align
  • Whole
  • Light

I usually start strong and enthusiastic. And this year has been no exception. My word showed up in mid November and stuck. Pretty sure it is all linked to the yoga I have been doing. Whenever anyone refers to ‘doing’ yoga they always call it a ‘practice’.

Here in the UK we have two spellings of this word.

Practice – The application or use of an idea, belief, method. “The principles and practice of teaching.”

Practise – Perform an activity repeatedly to improve. 

I hold my hand up and admit that thinking about these two made my head hurt……. I get it. Mostly. I may slip up along the year’s journey and spell it wrong, forgive me in advance!

Anyway onwards.

There are a few areas that spring to mind when thinking about my journey with this word.

You can see from the photo above that I’ve made a note of things that initially came to mind about my word. Yoga, health, kindness, photography, playing music, making art, meditation, being present, giving.

For me this word is not about practice to make perfect. It is more practice to live good. That is the essence of how the word manifested in my mind.

We are all a work in progress right? And I’d like to find a balance between the idea of working, working, working at something till you get fed up and give up (well I do) and saying okay got that wrong lets have another go. There is a difference in the mindset. I want to nudge myself towards having another go because I know I’m the sort of personality that when pushed gives up – I’m stubborn that way. HA!

So lets see if I can acknowledge this, have some understanding and kindness towards myself and hopefully it will help me grow and become more practised in these areas of my life.


One Little Word® is a project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

4 thoughts on “One Little Word® 2018 – Practice”

  • Good luck with it. I have never done OLW but I am thinking about it for this year so it is interesting to see how others tackle it.
    On the practice/practise front, when I was teaching in Japan I started out by meticulously correcting practice the noun and practise the verb (same principle as advice and advise) till eventually I found out that in American English anything goes! Made my life easier anyway.

  • Interesting the two meanings of the two spellings; I always just thought it was the difference of American vs English spelling. Good to know.

    I remember being told that practise does not make perfect, only perfect practise does. But that makes no sense, no one starts out doing anything perfectly … sorry off on another path there.

    I think you will have much success with this word regardless of how it gets spelt.

  • I’d give OLW a go. It takes a little effort to keep it visible every month but I always enjoy the process. And thanks you explained that practice/practise much better than I did!

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