Layout Share – See it Build it Orrery

I am sure it comes as no surprise that I like all types of scrapbook stories. This story is one of those that could have been left untold. A little story.  One that gathered details and photos from a span of time rather than one day. It also hints towards relationships and quests! All than in one paragraph.

Here’s the story –

The history of this is fuzzy. I think I wanted to see one after Gav had spoken to me about it and we went in search of one at the Science Museum. We saw one at the British Museum too and took H to see it. Poor child! Then I found a model to build and colour in (because Gav’s promise for us to build one didn’t happen!) And gave it to both of them for Christmas. It’s still a work in progress but getting there….

If this page had been included in my 52 Stories I would undoubtedly be saying it does not include enough of the story in that paragraph. And maybe it is light on the nitty gritty but I like it anyway and I love an orrery!