Photo a Day – Week Forty One and Forty Two

Hope all the festivities went well for everyone celebrating this season. As always I find myself whiling away hours watching dreadful films and overeating the chocolate!

To help me drift back to reality here are a couple of weeks in photos.

The snow froze and stayed a day or two.

Buddy loves the snow and it made him all puppy like.

Getting festive with the dining room mantle.

I snap a shot like this every year.

Oh! More Bud.

Trying to finish a Christmas cushion before Christmas called for some quick sewing.

Then it was time for Gav and I to celebrate our tenth anniversary in Bamburgh. Love this hotel so. The Victoria.

Terrible photo but I love it anyway. We were married on Lindesfarne an island that is cut off at high tide from the mainland. Were paid our visit there later than planned so had to grab a few photos and leave before stranded for the day.

The following day we headed to Dunstanburgh beach for another traditional photo.

Back home and shopping with these two.

The baking the next day. It’s a few years since we made gingerbread together! She doesn’t have to stand on a stool anymore….

Family pooches.

Gav and I took a walk to see twinkle lights and spotted the parks lantern festival in full swing.


There we go.