December Daily® – Day Six, Seven and Eight

The month is ticking away and I’m still catching up but here are a few more days.

Here is day six and seven from my foundation pages.

I filled the top 4×4 pocket with a picture of my niece trimming my Mum’s tree. The light was poor so I changed into black and white. I added the six to a punched black circle and hand wrote my story leaving the bottom pocket empty because of the transparency the previous day.

I added a photo of me in our porch to the cardstock page opposite. Didn’t add any words apart from a label sticker.

On the back of the cardstock I decided to add a list of all the Christmas films I watch throughout the month. I have typed the details onto patterned paper trimmed and adhered to the page. I love keeping a record of these things.

Opposite I added a large photo of our Christmas bedding. Again I didn’t add much of a story just a little washi tape and a label.

My intention was to have the page fill the space there fully but as ordered these prints from a local photo place and the cost of a 9 x 7 print was so much more than an 8 x 6. I couldn’t justify the cost.

The back of that large photo is another large photo and makes up the left side of day seven.

My sister grabbed that shot of me and my tree. Loved going to buy it with her. That is what my story was all about on the 3 x 4 card at the top right. I used two tree motif cards in the other pockets both from the mini kit I bought.

I’d already stitched the hand cut felt star to a page and decided to use it here.

Also love documenting the cost of the tree and where we bought it from so that label was added to the 4 x 6 card.

You can see what day eight and nine looked like originally here.

Id already moved the tree card and the cardstock page and was left with a three pocket page protector.

Added a photo of my Mum in our kitchen helping me bake cakes and a story on that lovely pink card above. The ‘baking day’ stamp is from an older Ali Edwards stamp set.

Okay there we go back with more soon.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.