Photo a Day – Week Thirty Six

Here I am in my favourite second hand bookshop. Barter Books in Alnwick. Gav and I were on our own because poor old Bud was at the vets having stitched from an incident on the beach that morning! He is fine. But it was a scare – I was on my own with him – and bought back memories of our previous pooch Lewis and an attack he suffered. But as I say Buddy is fine.

In fact there he is look, reluctantly on the lead but joining us for a self timed sunset shot.

The Canada Geese are very busy at this time of year. I’m guessing that they have flown here from summer habitats? We never saw them when we came to the cottage in March so I’m assuming it is an autumnal thing. Although not perfectly in focus I love this capture of some of the birds and the moon.

Over to another bird now…..When we got to the cottage this bird was mooching about. I found out later in the week that its a Guineafowl and it turned up in the lane and one of the permanent residents took pity and started feeding it! At first we thought it was a turkey! I’m such a city girl, and nicknamed him Turkeybird!

Favourite castle ever peeking through the fence.

It was our last morning and all week I’d struggled to get out of bed early enough to catch the sunrise. So glad I made it down there for this photo. It just isn’t our holiday at the cottage without a sunrise shot.

And back home the un-pruned Clematis is flowering its heart out!

Lovely week all things considered!