Photo a Day – Week Thirty Five

A dream of mine is to have home grown salad all year round. It never happens but this pot full of salad leaves is a step in the right direction. They are in the greenhouse so protected from frost.

First woolly hat day!

It happen to all of us right? Gav is having his midlife crisis and trying to get my niece and I to join him in a musical adventure. Yes I’m playing the glockenspiel…….

Going, going……

No words necessary.

Walking on the beach with Gav and H and Buddy. Oh yes love the beach so.

My sister and her husband joined us for the weekend too and took us on a  long walk. The castle is Dunstanburgh, it is a big part of our story. Many many holidays in sight of that still foreboding 14th-Century ruin.

And that was another week.