Month: November 2017

Photo a Day – Week Thirty Seven and Thirty Eight

First of all a week with nature, the weather and the  light.

Pretty leaf.


Love the textures of the paving and the stems with the fiery foliage.

Those coral/red stems.

A teeny leaf.

Sunlight creating a blaze of yellow.

Frosty leaves.

Week thirty eight.

His leg is getting better all helped by a comfy blanket…..

Took my Mum to see Murder on the Orient Express. It was excellent.

The lightest dusting of snow.

Not long now for this tree to be in the spotlight for a month.

Having a go at making a wreath base.

Helping make her December Daily® album.


And there we go.

December Daily® 2017 – Album Cover

Here we are once again. Time it flies! As ever I am excited to document our December and have made an album to hold the stories of the season.

As I thought about what I wanted on the cover this year I gathered together all my previous albums, nine of them……

Yes, nine! Don’t they look sweet. Can’t believe this will be my tenth year with December Daily® Something to stop and think about here is the collection of those stories over the years. They are treasures for sure and as the lady who devised this concept says it’s the sum of those stories that is the key.

I had a good look at the previous albums, at the colours and motifs I’ve used over the years. Snowflakes, Christmas Trees, stars are the main themes. Red, white and kraft with a touch of silver have been my go to colours.

Then I browsed my Pinterest boards for inspiration and honed in on this one and this one. Something about the white and silver/grey papers spoke to me and I  loved the idea of the ‘negative’ shape for the front of the album.

But before I did that bit I prepared the base of the covers.

I found two sturdy cardboard sheets and cut them to about 7 x 9 attaching washi tape around the edges of the covers as you can see above. This means I don’t have to paint the cover and try to get the paint into those rougher edges. Rougher because they have been cut. I have painted covers in the past but it’s a long process and I thought I’d go with a cardstock base instead.

After getting the front and back covers ready I cut out my star shape using a die cut star as a guide. I tried to ‘size it up’.

It’s not the perfect star shape but I’m fine with how it turned out and I went on to cut the shape out of a piece of wood grain card then adhered the negative shape to the front cover at an off set angle.

On the inside of each cover I added some pretty paper I’ve had in my stash for years. It is cream with flecks of sliver and gold.

Added faux stitching to the star shape with a silver pen and scattered silver and gold sequins onto the star.

I tried several different placements for items on the cover. I wanted to use a pewter snowflake from a Tim Holtz set and I tied some bakers twine onto it. I also tried a metal tag to hold the title and different coloured card as the base for the tag.

I find taking a photo a great way to see the bigger picture so to speak and in the end left off the tag and stamped directly onto the woodgrain card with black ink. The stamps are from an Ali Edwards stamp set.

I added the three hearts and the g,m,b from a set of tiny rub-ons that always seem to make it onto the covers of my December albums.

For the first time since my first album I didn’t add a 25 onto the cover. Time for a change I thought.

So there it is. See previous years posts about making the covers 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011. And I’ll share my foundation pages soon. Excited doesn’t ‘cover’ it. Lol!


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

Photo a Day – Week Thirty Six

Here I am in my favourite second hand bookshop. Barter Books in Alnwick. Gav and I were on our own because poor old Bud was at the vets having stitched from an incident on the beach that morning! He is fine. But it was a scare – I was on my own with him – and bought back memories of our previous pooch Lewis and an attack he suffered. But as I say Buddy is fine.

In fact there he is look, reluctantly on the lead but joining us for a self timed sunset shot.

The Canada Geese are very busy at this time of year. I’m guessing that they have flown here from summer habitats? We never saw them when we came to the cottage in March so I’m assuming it is an autumnal thing. Although not perfectly in focus I love this capture of some of the birds and the moon.

Over to another bird now…..When we got to the cottage this bird was mooching about. I found out later in the week that its a Guineafowl and it turned up in the lane and one of the permanent residents took pity and started feeding it! At first we thought it was a turkey! I’m such a city girl, and nicknamed him Turkeybird!

Favourite castle ever peeking through the fence.

It was our last morning and all week I’d struggled to get out of bed early enough to catch the sunrise. So glad I made it down there for this photo. It just isn’t our holiday at the cottage without a sunrise shot.

And back home the un-pruned Clematis is flowering its heart out!

Lovely week all things considered!

Beautiful Butterflies


Been so very happy this summer to see beautiful butterflies in our garden and lucky enough to have snapped photos of them too!

Above is the Red Admiral and below we have a Small Tortoiseshell.

Look at that pretty line of purple markings along the bottom edge of its wings. Stunning.


And finally is the Comma.

He/she was so delicate and had those beautifully sculpted wings.

Enjoyed spotting these in the garden and hope they return next year.

Photo a Day – Week Thirty Five

A dream of mine is to have home grown salad all year round. It never happens but this pot full of salad leaves is a step in the right direction. They are in the greenhouse so protected from frost.

First woolly hat day!

It happen to all of us right? Gav is having his midlife crisis and trying to get my niece and I to join him in a musical adventure. Yes I’m playing the glockenspiel…….

Going, going……

No words necessary.

Walking on the beach with Gav and H and Buddy. Oh yes love the beach so.

My sister and her husband joined us for the weekend too and took us on a  long walk. The castle is Dunstanburgh, it is a big part of our story. Many many holidays in sight of that still foreboding 14th-Century ruin.

And that was another week.

Bloom 2017 – Pink Symmetry and Purple Haze

A couple more arrangements to share. We are away at the moment at the cottage we love in Northumberland, hence the lack of posts these last couple of days.

The abundance of Cosmos a few weeks ago spurred me on to do a simple display for the mantle. I do like just one flower in a vase but usually can’t just pick one flower so end up mixing others in but this time I was successful.

The other arrangement I want to share is almost identical to this one! A variation of flowers but the colours and shape are more or less the same.

Can’t help it love purple.

This one contains white scabious, salvia, ammi and a few osteospermum which have gorgeous purple centres! It’s great to remember back just a few weeks to the abundance that was going on in the garden.

Photo a Day – Week Thirty Four

The year is moving along, let’s look at some more moments from our week.

Not a perfectly composed shot but I had to take it. That sky was amazing and then the flock of birds flew by too!

We were playing honest!

As it was half term she came over earlier and we went out into the wood. We found that it was flooded already but that didn’t stop her……

Another sunny day and I captured a totally fun selfie. Yep overexposed etc etc but I love it!

I love this little bundle of joy too! She’s wearing her new cardigan that Gav’s sister knit for her. So cute. And my sister-in-law it a fantastic knitter!

Walking to my Mums I spotted a Red kite overhead. I remember my Dad telling me years and years ago that an effort to reintroduce the species was going to happen at Harewood. (Edited to add that I checked my facts and the birds were reintroduced in 1999.) This isn’t a great photo as I zoomed in quite a bit in Photoshop but I wanted to document it anyway.

I’m back on the sewing kick! This was a Christmas quilt I started last year so I thought I better get on with it as it will soon be that season again.

And there we go.