Bloom 2017 – Studded with Purple

I mentioned that I have a few more flower arrangements up my sleeve even though the season is changed and the cutting patches have all but given up.

I’d actually forgotten all about this arrangement until I was sorting photographs for Project Life. How could I have overlooked such a lovely crop of flowers?

This was arranged back at the end of July when the Ammi had just got going and the Salvias were the backbone of the cutting beds.

Along with those two there are Euphorbia, Scabious, Cerinthie and Silver Birch foliage. I seared the ends of the Cerinthie and Birch in a little boiling water before arranging.

I like mixing tree foliage into my vases and must remember to try and do it more often. I was still trying to get that whole asymmetrical thing working…….

I think I must pop outside today and harvest all that I can before the strong winds flatten everything that’s left. It might make for a stunning final vase full!