The Click Tick List – Experience a Total Eclipse

The main reason for our holiday to the US was to see the Great American Eclipse of 2017. Seeing an eclipse was on my list and we had been planning to see the 2017 one since 1999 when Gav and I had travelled to Cornwall in the UK to see the one that grazed this country. Of course being the UK it was cloudy!

Anyway we had better luck this time and let me tell you is was pretty awesome! Because we tied this in with other destinations on our holiday we decided to stay in the Tennessee area. We were fairly well organised and booked our hotel back in January.

I still spent a great deal of time worrying that the weather wasn’t going to be kind and that we should have gone further west over towards Oregon. In fact the one thing I didn’t really think about at all, the traffic, caused us the most problems. But we made it into the totality area with time to spare and opted to watch from an abandoned supermarkets car park. We even parked up nearby some very well equiped folk who rigged up these viewing devices.

You can see in the shots above how the moon has started to cross in front of the sun.

And here is one of my family getting ready but hiding in the shade. It was very hot!

It’s hard to explain, hard to put your finger on why an eclipse is so amazing. All of the things that happen as the moon makes it way across the sky, the eerie light, the quieting of the birds or in our case the noise of the ciccadas as they sang out becasue they thought it was getting dark! The sudden onset of what looks like a sunset and then the moment of totality. Wow! I mean really wow.

This photo is the best fuzzy crescent any of us managed but you can just see the pink tinged clouds as the light is fading.

It is one of those things that is, as I’ve said, hard to describe you just have to experience it to understand its true beauty and effect.

And then of course you can breifly remove your eclipse glasses and see the corona. The photo above was with the big camera and does not do it justice. All around me in a carpark full of strangers there were oohs and ahhs as the light faded at last and we saw that glowing circle of light.

We had over two minutes of totality in the location we picked, another reason we went for this area of the country. It was a great two minutes. Truly something I’ll never forget and of couse now we are planning the next one!