Month: September 2017

100 Brushscript Quotes – Thoughts on the Completed Project

100 days. Seems like an age ago. Time has flown by since it was completed, almost another 100 days in fact!

Here is my original post at the start of the project. And here is the link to the official pages from the host Elle Luna.

I’m mentioning the ticking away of time quite a bit here recently mainly because I seem to be finding it hard to sit and blog, so ideas I had planned to write about have passed me by or, as in this case, what I’m writing about was ages ago. However, I still want to document and share my feeling about the 100 days project so here we go…..

First of all I surprised myself. I was amazed that I completed it and that I posted a photo of my handwritten quote everyday on Instagram. I was also pretty impressed that not only did I post the quote but that I interspersed those posts with other photos that gave my feed a chequerboard effect! Loved that, thanks Gav for pointing it out.

Secondly, I liked that I was quite picky about the quotes I chose to write. Although many of the comments I made attached to the image on Instagram didn’t mention the quote itself, I did find that I wouldn’t write just any old quote. I had to love it, it had to speak to me. More on that below. I also think that deciding to change it up part way through and adding in the movie quotes and then the Friends quotes shows something of my personality. Glad I mixed it up and added those into the process.

Thirdly, I found right after the end I didn’t want to stop! I missed it so very much at first and I still want to work on my style and practice more. As the time has gone by though I’m happy that I did it for the 100 days and now am finished. I can pick up the brush at any time and keep up the practice and I intend to do just that.

I also need to remember that I carved out 15-30 minutes a day to do this. What other creative thing could I do in that time?

I hope to go back and read and digest the words/quotes I wrote. Why did I pick them? How do I want them to impact my life. I chose them because they ‘spoke’ to me so I want ti think about why? Not just to leave it there I’d like to it think about the words more.

Overall then, it was a great success, I have a book of words documenting a project and also a period in my life. Love that tangible stuff! And I’m looking forward to doing it again next year maybe something a little more of a challenge??




Photo a Day – Week Twenty Six and Twenty Seven

What a way to start the week…….It had to be done!

Room service Mickey Pizza delivery!

Oh yes we did.

A little night swimming.

Waiting to dine in the Beasts Castle……

Out last visit to Magic Kingdom and we stayed for the fireworks. Amazing.

A last wander around our hotel area.

And then we were home and the garden had gone wild.

But that also meant lots of vegetables to pick too.

Obsessed with the light in the garden. Especially on the sunflowers.

Trying to eat a little healthier……

And Gav was trying to recreate the iced tea we had in New Orleans. Ice tea works here in the UK for about three weeks of the year but……

The onions are drying nicely.

More flowers. I have featured this beauty before it is such a stunning Dahlia.

And there we go two more weeks on record.


Bloom 2017 – A Little Catch Up


Time is flying. I have some flower arrangements to share from before we went away. Thought I better post them before winter sets in…….

I picked a great big bucket of everything that was pickable just before we set off. I gave a bunch to my Mum and arranged the rest. I deliberately cut back in the hopes that something would still be blooming out in the garden when we got back.

This vase is filled with Calendula, Helianthus, Salvia, Centaurea and Oregano flowers.


Love all those happy sunflowers so much. There are a couple of varieties here, Vanilla Ice and Taiyo. Need to remember to plant more next year!

Next we have the same vessel, slightly different flowers.

Cosmos, Antirrhinum and Nicotiana are combined with the Salvia (pink and blue) and Oregano again.

As a little experiment I added Calendula because I felt the arrangement was a bit flat.

Zing! Much better.

I’m even trying out that whole lopsided arranging again…….. Still not sold on it so must keep trying!


The Click Tick List – Experience a Total Eclipse

The main reason for our holiday to the US was to see the Great American Eclipse of 2017. Seeing an eclipse was on my list and we had been planning to see the 2017 one since 1999 when Gav and I had travelled to Cornwall in the UK to see the one that grazed this country. Of course being the UK it was cloudy!

Anyway we had better luck this time and let me tell you is was pretty awesome! Because we tied this in with other destinations on our holiday we decided to stay in the Tennessee area. We were fairly well organised and booked our hotel back in January.

I still spent a great deal of time worrying that the weather wasn’t going to be kind and that we should have gone further west over towards Oregon. In fact the one thing I didn’t really think about at all, the traffic, caused us the most problems. But we made it into the totality area with time to spare and opted to watch from an abandoned supermarkets car park. We even parked up nearby some very well equiped folk who rigged up these viewing devices.

You can see in the shots above how the moon has started to cross in front of the sun.

And here is one of my family getting ready but hiding in the shade. It was very hot!

It’s hard to explain, hard to put your finger on why an eclipse is so amazing. All of the things that happen as the moon makes it way across the sky, the eerie light, the quieting of the birds or in our case the noise of the ciccadas as they sang out becasue they thought it was getting dark! The sudden onset of what looks like a sunset and then the moment of totality. Wow! I mean really wow.

This photo is the best fuzzy crescent any of us managed but you can just see the pink tinged clouds as the light is fading.

It is one of those things that is, as I’ve said, hard to describe you just have to experience it to understand its true beauty and effect.

And then of course you can breifly remove your eclipse glasses and see the corona. The photo above was with the big camera and does not do it justice. All around me in a carpark full of strangers there were oohs and ahhs as the light faded at last and we saw that glowing circle of light.

We had over two minutes of totality in the location we picked, another reason we went for this area of the country. It was a great two minutes. Truly something I’ll never forget and of couse now we are planning the next one!



Photo a Day – Week Twenty Four and Twenty Five

Our adventures across the pond have ended and we are back home to reality. Coming home is always bitter sweet for me. Of course I’m glad to be back, to see family and our Buddy boo. But we had a great time and really immersed ourselves in our travels and Disney adventures.

Love looking back at these photos and am excited to sort through them, get some printed for Project Life® and layouts.

Let’s start of with a couple of days when we were still here at home.

Worried we might miss the apple season….. They are so big this year!

My favourite salad to make with our own tomatoes, potatoes and green beans.

The last morning before we flew off and clearly Buddy was having his say about that.

And then Gav, my sister, brother in law, H and I flew to Washington DC. Our first stop was the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Centre to see the Space Shuttle Discovery among other planes and aircraft stuff.

Sightseeing the next day.

And more of the same the next. Love this shot of the Jefferson Memorial and the clouds reflected in the tidal basin.

Off we went the following morning, driving south to Tennessee to get ready for the Eclipse but first a stop in Target. We do love a Target.

Her first go at making waffles.

Driving again this time we headed to New Orleans.

Our hotel was in the French Quarter where the buildings are very pretty indeed.

Arrived at our hotel in Disney World in time to get to the Magic Kingdom for Fireworks. Here we are on the tram.

Yikes. Stormtroopers at Hollywood Studios…..

One of the highlights of all the food we ate at Disney was breakfast at Chef Mickeys where we got to say hello to the chef himself.

And we finished off this week with a very funny show put on by the Muppets.

We packed a lot in and I’ll be back with more soon.


Bloom 2017 – White Whites

Just popping in to share this vase of pretty white flowers, We are still stateside but this photo has me thinking just a little bit about home.

Here we have Scabious, Ammi and Borage with one single sweet pea stem tucked in.

This growing your own flowers is a truly wonderful thing that I know I’d miss so much if I stopped doing it. It seems to ground me somehow because I am totally at the mercy of the elements. Some things work, some don’t. Some grow, some don’t. It’s a magical adventure stepping outside to see what is putting on a show that day. Oh dear I seem to be all overcome with my holiday surroundings!

Enjoy these cool whites while I sit in the shade avoiding this Florida heat…….