A Baby Quilt

It was all my Mums idea after she saw the Christmas quilt I made for my younger niece. She suggested that I made one for the new baby and I decided it would be fun to ask my niece to help. After all this baby is her niece! Crazy I know.

So a few months ago we embarked on project baby quilt. We picked out colours based around lemon the colour of the nursery.

And cut them into 5 inch square blocks. Sewed the squares together and then we sewed them into rows. Here I am sewing and she is playing the piano. The fun never stops in this house…..

Here she is at the sewing machine on a different day. Love this photo. It have Gav and the record player visible, documenting everyday stuff.

And here it is all finished.

I think she did a great job with it. A great collaborative effort. As a finishing touch I wanted to ‘write’ something on the back of the quilt to say who this was from so we brainstormed a few ideas and between us came up with the perfect phrase….

That made us laugh. Love from the Aunts! Because we are of course, we’ll just gloss over the fact I’m a Great Aunt! It actually reminded me of my favourite film Practical Magic where the two main characters refer to the older generation ladies as ‘The Aunts.’

So a pretty little quilt has been made and given to our beautiful new niece and with it I hope to have whetted Hannah’s appetite for sewing, I know I have re-kindled my love of patchwork.