Month: August 2017

Photo a Day – Week Twenty Two and Twenty Three

Hello. I’ve been quiet for a while because we are away on a family holiday and I’m having issues using Gav’s laptop to process photos………. Technology eh?

But I uploaded some images before we left so lets catch up a little with a few weeks ago when we were still back home.

Started off that week with a visit to Scarborough with my younger niece. It has become something of a tradition. Lovely day and great view here looking back towards the lighthouse as we headed to the car.

Crossing something off the summer list…. She is a bit of a climbing daredevil.

Wonderful Dahlia about to bloom.

Out harvesting broad beans I found this hairy fella. Need to check what he will turn into.

A great little crop of our own tomatoes. They were perfect.

Science happening here. They were working through all the experiments in a kit someone gave her. Gav enjoyed this way more than she did although she was trying to get into it.

Four generations! Love this. Have been thinking about getting this photo ever since my older niece told us she was expecting. And here they are. My Mum, sister, my older niece and our newest addition.

My fav. I know I say that about all flowers but daisy’s are way up at the top of that list.

Trying to be healthy and it was really good.

Cute! Missing this fella while we are away….

Capturing the beautiful flowers while I can. Love this backlit sunflower.

Gav seems to have managed to grow beetroot! Yay.

More of that baby. I mean. So adorable.

And finishing off with a big bunch of sweet peas and a couple of dahlias.

And there we have it.

Bloom 2017 – Candy Pink

I think I fall into this trap every year. Here in the UK the long school holidays start towards the end of July with the kids going back to school the first week of September. June and July goes by and I foolishly think that summer is yet to come because the kids haven’t broken up yet. Then I turn round and realise that the seasons are beginning to change but it’s only just August……….

Like I say, every year I live part of the summer in denial! And what I hear you cry has that all got to do with flowers? Well, it makes me realise that I’ve hardly picked any yet and it’s almost over.

That’s not strictly true though, thank goodness.

Flowers here in this garden tend to put on a good show up to the end of September plus this little vase full is from a few weeks ago and I have a few more arrangements to share to catch us up to date. I feel more cheerful already!

This jug is filled with sweet williams, scabious, salvia and favourite of mine this last year oregano.

Such a bright and happy little bunch of flowers.

A Baby Quilt

It was all my Mums idea after she saw the Christmas quilt I made for my younger niece. She suggested that I made one for the new baby and I decided it would be fun to ask my niece to help. After all this baby is her niece! Crazy I know.

So a few months ago we embarked on project baby quilt. We picked out colours based around lemon the colour of the nursery.

And cut them into 5 inch square blocks. Sewed the squares together and then we sewed them into rows. Here I am sewing and she is playing the piano. The fun never stops in this house…..

Here she is at the sewing machine on a different day. Love this photo. It have Gav and the record player visible, documenting everyday stuff.

And here it is all finished.

I think she did a great job with it. A great collaborative effort. As a finishing touch I wanted to ‘write’ something on the back of the quilt to say who this was from so we brainstormed a few ideas and between us came up with the perfect phrase….

That made us laugh. Love from the Aunts! Because we are of course, we’ll just gloss over the fact I’m a Great Aunt! It actually reminded me of my favourite film Practical Magic where the two main characters refer to the older generation ladies as ‘The Aunts.’

So a pretty little quilt has been made and given to our beautiful new niece and with it I hope to have whetted Hannah’s appetite for sewing, I know I have re-kindled my love of patchwork.

Photo a Day – Week Twenty One

Here we go again….

Planted lots of sunflowers this year, not as many as I’d like but plenty to enjoy and cut a few stems.

More of them.

It’s on her summer list…..

First ripe tomato.

Bee on Cerinthie.

Family rounders. There’s me completely missing the ball…..

Getting there.

And that was that.

52 Stories – Number Fifty Two – His & Hers

A big welcome to the last in this series of posts all about scrapping the stories I want to tell. I say the last post but of course I will be carrying on the scrapbook journey and hopefully telling more meaningful stories along the way.

His & Hers

A different was to get the words onto the page this week. I was in tune with symmetry and didn’t want to add journalling that would unbalance the layout so instead I used the words as a sort of border along the photo edges. Yes it meant not as many words but I love the way it turned out.

Here is the story from this page –

It was my think to get up early and get my steps done. Then I’d settle on the upper patio with that view and my stuff around me and enjoy the early morning. Gav got up later and set out his activities for the day before we had breakfast.

Just adore this page and the capture of the visuals. A good example of all the elements, words, title and photos coming together to make a great story told.

As I mentioned above I’ll still be scrapping and sharing here and hopefully getting the stories I want to tell down on paper.


52 stories is a series (or adventure) in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.