Her Summer List, Our Summer Memories

When summer approaches and we get a few days of good weather I am always inspired to hop on the summer list/goals bandwagon. But then I get disheartened because it will rain for a solid week and time ticks by.

However, I am pretty good at encouraging my younger niece to make a list for herself, one that Gav and I can join in with when she visits. And because we are all going on holiday together there are quite a few things we can cross off while we are away.

But there is another reason to do this. Well more than one!

All these lists, the physical thing, is memory keeping worthy. It’s scrapable! Her handwriting, the spelling mistakes, the way she spaces her words, her choice of the pink card to write on. It is a snapshot (!) in her life and I only have to think about how this darling girl was a teeny baby, just like our new arrival, what seems like only yesterday. But look she is a teenager and time has zoomed by.

So I will take any excuse to capture what I can.

And the other reason? Well, I will make any excuse to enjoy her company, any excuse to have fun together, any excuse to make memories together, any excuse to laugh with her.

Enjoy your Friday, get out there and have good times this summer weekend. We have family rounders tomorrow……….