The Breakfast Love Affair Continues – Apple Pie Pancakes

When my niece stays over we always have a special breakfast. And by special I mean either American pancakes or French toast. Hey, we are international breakfast eaters over here!

Over the years we have made several different pancakes but these are my absolute favourite ones so far. I found the recipe on Pinterest but this is the link to the recipe on her website.

I didn’t add any cloves but did add the other spices which of course work so well with apple.

As a UK girl and used to making crepes (these are what everyone in the UK thinks of if you say pancake to them) I have to stop myself adding more liquid that it says in the recipe.American pancakes are a stiffer batter and this is why you can get a great big chunky stack of them on your plate……..

H and I added chopped banana to ours too for that very fruity hit. I would like to try them with just the syrup or maybe even some lightly cooked apple chunks to get every ounce out of the apple flavour.

Ten out of ten for these.