52 Stories – Number Forty Seven – How Much Do I Love Cherries


Welcome to another story, it’s been awhile.

How much do I love cherries


Here is the story from this page –

It seems that I like them quite a lot. We had stopped in the quaintest little rest stop on the way from Fresno to Palo Alto. The scenery was beautiful and the road windy and high up. I got a shock not only at the price of the cherries I picked up but at the cool temp too. ‘Casa d’ had the monopoly on the food, cafe, wine, gifts… but it was worth the stop just to see it and to see Gav’s face at the cost of the cherries!

Did I get the story down? Would I add anything more?

Overall yes I did tell the very funny story of the cost of that bag of cherries. Perhaps I could have elaborated and said that I expected them to be cheaper because they are harvested right there where they were for sale. But overall I’m happy with this one. And I loved using the actual receipt as part of the design of the page.


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