Week In The Life™ 2017 – Sunday Photos

I have been joining in with Ali and her Week In The Life™ project. This is the first chance I’ve had to share my photos and it was all about the garden yesterday.

But we started with a walk to get coffee and the paper.

Hanging out the washing with the big camera slung round my neck.

It was good this week to get the Canon out and take some photos with it again. The iphone makes it too easy to snap and I have been forgetting to take the bigger camera out and about.

I used the macro lens on these Ivy leaves.

I know its blurry but I love this photo. My foot, his paw.

The Poang is still in the hall after last weeks Easter Sunday lunch for sixteen. And someone loves a Poang.

Sowing seeds.

For the shot above I used the timer on the phone and balanced it on some plant pots. Below, phone photo again of the same area in the garden but this time pulled back and Gav at the potting up bench.

I like the two different photos of the same spot in the garden.

Bedding back on. Let it be known that of all the housework jobs I hate changing the bed the most but so adore clean bedding.

I was messing about trying to take selfies while Gav went out running and ended up feeling really sick! Probably something to with trying to lie on my stomach…..

So it was an early night for me. I felt a bit better later after a snooze so I watched snooker on the laptop in bed.

Love this project. Going to sort my photos out and send them off to be printed. I’ll share more on the completed album soon.