Photo a Day – Week Five and Six

Here goes with some more.

A great sight. Washing on the line means we’re warming up her in the UK.

Gav was very happy to buy more than needed and fill a bag of nuts and bolts…..

From the top deck of the bus.

This toy is his favourite right now. It squeaks….. and he always wants to take it outside. How could I resist?

Was about to weed out this patch of Dandelions when a great bug early Bumble landed.

It’s time!

Sunset and the moon.

Another signal that it is getting warmer. Coffee outside.

A trip into Leeds and the rather fancy Victoria shopping centre.

On the way to work. I think that red light is saying turn round and go home……

My niece is making progress on the Spanish flag.

A sleepover and early morning trip for coffee.

A little scene with a rescued Anemone flower stem. I dug up a plant that had self seeded in the soon to be onion patch and a couple of flowers got damaged. They make lovely cut flowers and lasted for a quite a while.

The Tulips are coming on!

And that was a couple more weeks.