Currently – Spring 2017

The Garden

I’ve been wandering around the garden for weeks now peering at things and making mental list upon list of jobs that have to be done. But the truth of it was that I wasn’t feeling it. I was lack lustre and had no oomph. I actually said to Gav that I though I was ‘over’ gardening!

But before I had chance to panic too much I got out there on a quiet sunny Monday last week and I found my mojo again. And I truly believe that it’s because the seasons are changing and I, like the garden are growing into this new phase once more. Seeds have been sown for the cutting patches and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Bloom 2017 in the next few weeks.

Gifts and adventures and living life

This year has so much good stuff going on.

My birthday treats just keeps coming! I have already enjoyed a weekend away courtesy of my BFF and next weekend is a trip to a local flower show that my Mum and Dad-in-law got me, then in May I’m going on this day out that my Sister and her family bought me. So excited for these events.

We hope to do our usual trip to London with my younger niece too, the baseball is back and we have a trip here to fit in as well. I am so lucky. That one was bought by colleagues and ex-colleagues from work!

This week is Week In The Life™ and I am happy to be joining in again with this project. I also splashed out as part of some birthday money and bought the kit. Will be getting the big camera out as it has been neglected a little of late.

Photo above was a display in Anthropology. A shop I have never been in before but in the spirit of adventure I wandered in. I loved the display and the products but alas way out of my budget! Good image though.

And of course I have the 100 Day Project going on too. Post coming about how I’m finding it so far soon.

So all in all Spring has sprung, I’m embracing this moment and thinking about things to come.

Let’s do this thing 2017!