52 Stories – Number Forty Six – Build Stuff

Here we go with another story. This is one of the fun one! Actually I hope all my stories and layouts are fun but you know what I mean. I also hope it conveys the message to try and to do as well. To challenge yourself because you never know what would have happened if you didn’t try. So let’s see if I pulled that off…..

Build Stuff

Here’s the story –

It was on her summer list. Build an aqueduct. Of course I was sceptical but we added it all the same. And of course Gav was more than up for the challenge. This is the stuff. The good stuff. The stuff that helps to define and influence and grow kids. Fail or succeed they tried and the best part? they had the best FUN ever. Love these two so.

Did I get the story down? Would I add anything more?

Well I was getting there wasn’t I? I feel I missed the sentiment I was aiming for slightly. I began by mentioning that I was the sceptic when we added it to her list, ever since we built the obstacle course the year before she almost believes Gav can make anything. So I start by saying I doubted we could do it and go on to sum up that is the end result isn’t the goal here. It’s doing something and loving the process that’s important. I liked that part.

I guess I don’t have to spell out the whole idea of this. By me writing this story down I have learnt something. It has driven home in my mind that it is the trying and the doing rather than getting it right every time. So actually yes, I have told a nice story but in the telling I have learnt something too. Now that really is win, win!


52 stories is a series (or adventure) in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.