The 100 Day Project – 2017

Last year I heard about the 100 Day Project on the podcast Elise Gets Crafty. I’ve been a fan of Elise for a few years now, loved reading her blog (she doesn’t write there now very often), listening to her podcast and following her on Instagram.

I was interested in the idea of painting aeriel landscapes when I listened to this episode of the podcast. I hopped over and looked at the paintings her guest had made (this photo on Instagram gives an idea of the paintings she made last year). I began pinning aeriel photos for inspiration and even made a few just to see.

Of course I wanted to jump on board with this idea right away but stopped myself knowing that it would be better to wait and join in next time the ‘official’ project was running. I thought having others doing it at the same time might keep me on track.

This years project is about to begin (4 April) and I am wavering from my original idea. The thinking behind my doubts? I probably can’t afford to buy supplies to paint 100 canvases and what would I do with them when they were finished? Of course I have dreamed of setting up an Etsy shop to try and sell them but not sure anyone would buy, plus Etsy is a whole other thing to add into the mix and I’ll have enough going on trying to do something for 100 days let alone wondering what to do after…….. As I write this it feels like a bit of a lame excuse…….

Anyway, I was still pondering what else I could do when I found this book.

I have been following the author/artist on Instagram for a few months and love her work so I bought the book which got me thinking could I complete some of the projects in the book as my 100? I was discussing my ideas with Gav and he added one into the mix too.

Here are the four ideas –

  • Write 100 quotes in brush script
  • Take 100 photographs with the big camera
  • Complete 100 projects from the book
  • Paint 100 aeriel landscapes

Looking at them set out like this makes me want to do them all. Maybe I will? One day.

The most doable one would be the photos because I take photos everyday anyway I’d just have to go back to the big camera.

But I have decided to go with the brush script. I think that will push me in terms of commitment and it will make me experiment and learn about my style with this medium. It feels just challenging enough which I think is sensible for my first attempt at this project.

So there we go. Starting on 4 April I will write a quote in brush script every day for 100 days! Of course I’ll share here as we go along and would love to see if you are doing the project?