Trip to the Movies – Beauty and the Beast

A random post for this Monday morning.

Over the weekend I went with family to see this film. Three generations of us. Grandmother to Granddaughters. And me, the Aunt.

We don’t get to the cinema as often I’d like and we certainly don’t get my Mum there very much but I’m so glad she came with us to see this classic Disney Fairytale. It was a bit of a shock to my older niece that I, in fact, had never seen the original cartoon version. If you have been reading here for very long you’ll know that I like happy endings and yes I know that Disney is usually a happy ending but boy do some of their characters go through the wringer to get there. I think it was the Aristocats in the 1970’s that put me off Disney films for the best part of 20 years!

Anyway, I was destined to fall for this new live action film as soon as I heard the music and saw a teaser trailer about a year ago. So off we went.

And I am very happy to report that a fun filled, happy ending was had by all.

Apparently, the reviews have not been all that favourable but who cares about the reviews? I loved it. Emma Watson was perfect as Belle and I loved the Beast. CGI yes but still, Dan Stevens did a great job and I was truly hooked. In fact I liked the Beast more that the Prince! An all star cast and all star production made this a hit in my book.

So if you like a Fairytale and a Disney one at that treat yourself to 2 hours of fun escapism and go see this re-imagined classic.