One Little Word® – 2017 – Light

My fourth year doing this project. I usually write something here at the beginning of the year and then forget to share as the year goes on. We’ll see if I can improve on that.

Light came to me around October last year. And as often happens with these things it just stuck around. I pondered a couple of other words – magic and adventure because hopefully we have a potentially adventurous and magical year planned! But I went with light as my focus and I’m keeping the other two close as well.

When I began to think about the word light and all its potential I was filled with joy at the possibilities for my journey with this word.

Here is a stream of consciousness I jotted down about it –

lots to explore – eclipse, all about the light – living under this sun – light to nurture, make stuff grow – light/dark – for photography – candles – twinkle – harness the light – solstice – moonlight – starlight – drawn to it – shadow – travel light – light touch – shine your light – catalyst

Oh so much to think about and work with.

I joined in with the class again this year and for February we were asked to practice something. I loved the practice prompt last year and that was the spark for my increased walking. I carried the prompt into March when I practiced drinking a glass of water before leaving the house every morning. I still do that today and I know it does me good! So practice is a lovely idea to work with.

Although not directly linked with light I chose to practice meditation. Gav and I had a go at meditating in 2015 and we loved it. So we brought the practice of meditation back.

This month we are tasked with making a vision board or a variation on that theme. I’ve not had great success with this prompt in past years but I am willing to give it a go again.

So far I love my word and love the chance to walk along side it this year.

Do you have a word?


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