Month: March 2017

The 100 Day Project – 2017

Last year I heard about the 100 Day Project on the podcast Elise Gets Crafty. I’ve been a fan of Elise for a few years now, loved reading her blog (she doesn’t write there now very often), listening to her podcast and following her on Instagram.

I was interested in the idea of painting aeriel landscapes when I listened to this episode of the podcast. I hopped over and looked at the paintings her guest had made (this photo on Instagram gives an idea of the paintings she made last year). I began pinning aeriel photos for inspiration and even made a few just to see.

Of course I wanted to jump on board with this idea right away but stopped myself knowing that it would be better to wait and join in next time the ‘official’ project was running. I thought having others doing it at the same time might keep me on track.

This years project is about to begin (4 April) and I am wavering from my original idea. The thinking behind my doubts? I probably can’t afford to buy supplies to paint 100 canvases and what would I do with them when they were finished? Of course I have dreamed of setting up an Etsy shop to try and sell them but not sure anyone would buy, plus Etsy is a whole other thing to add into the mix and I’ll have enough going on trying to do something for 100 days let alone wondering what to do after…….. As I write this it feels like a bit of a lame excuse…….

Anyway, I was still pondering what else I could do when I found this book.

I have been following the author/artist on Instagram for a few months and love her work so I bought the book which got me thinking could I complete some of the projects in the book as my 100? I was discussing my ideas with Gav and he added one into the mix too.

Here are the four ideas –

  • Write 100 quotes in brush script
  • Take 100 photographs with the big camera
  • Complete 100 projects from the book
  • Paint 100 aeriel landscapes

Looking at them set out like this makes me want to do them all. Maybe I will? One day.

The most doable one would be the photos because I take photos everyday anyway I’d just have to go back to the big camera.

But I have decided to go with the brush script. I think that will push me in terms of commitment and it will make me experiment and learn about my style with this medium. It feels just challenging enough which I think is sensible for my first attempt at this project.

So there we go. Starting on 4 April I will write a quote in brush script every day for 100 days! Of course I’ll share here as we go along and would love to see if you are doing the project?

Photo a Day – Week Two and Three

Here we go with another couple of weeks.

We were still Stateside at the start of this week. Here is a view of The Highline. It was an amazing walk up above the streets of Chelsea, above the traffic and with a great view of the city. Can’t recommend this unique park enough.

And after two bright sunny days Storm Stella blew into town. For a lover of snow this day in NYC nearly cured me of that love, nearly!

And although there was still piles of the stuff around the city was back to almost normal the day after and we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge.

We flew back overnight. The walkway from plane to terminal afforded me a great view of our transport home.

The following day we lazed in bed far too long but someone wasn’t bothered about that.

Good to see the garden in springing to life.

Gav is out there building new benches for the greenhouse and Bud went to keep him company.

Last week started with a change in the weather. Hail.


It was time to make s’mores again.

First harvest of the season.

The hail made way for wall to wall sunshine over the weekend.

And I spotted the first honey bee.

Breakfast at Betty’s for Mothers Day.

And there we have it.

Trip to the Movies – Beauty and the Beast

A random post for this Monday morning.

Over the weekend I went with family to see this film. Three generations of us. Grandmother to Granddaughters. And me, the Aunt.

We don’t get to the cinema as often I’d like and we certainly don’t get my Mum there very much but I’m so glad she came with us to see this classic Disney Fairytale. It was a bit of a shock to my older niece that I, in fact, had never seen the original cartoon version. If you have been reading here for very long you’ll know that I like happy endings and yes I know that Disney is usually a happy ending but boy do some of their characters go through the wringer to get there. I think it was the Aristocats in the 1970’s that put me off Disney films for the best part of 20 years!

Anyway, I was destined to fall for this new live action film as soon as I heard the music and saw a teaser trailer about a year ago. So off we went.

And I am very happy to report that a fun filled, happy ending was had by all.

Apparently, the reviews have not been all that favourable but who cares about the reviews? I loved it. Emma Watson was perfect as Belle and I loved the Beast. CGI yes but still, Dan Stevens did a great job and I was truly hooked. In fact I liked the Beast more that the Prince! An all star cast and all star production made this a hit in my book.

So if you like a Fairytale and a Disney one at that treat yourself to 2 hours of fun escapism and go see this re-imagined classic.


Photo a Day – Week One

Another year is here! Lets begin.

We have many messy corners in the garden (although Gav keeps saying this is the year we make is all perfect….) Anyway this little corner was so pretty in the spring sunshine.


Hellebore still going strong.

Me and a balloon friends bought me for my birthday. Couldn’t resist getting a shadow shot on that bright sunny morning.

Love me a boiled egg and soldiers.

And then we were off for our trip to New York. This was taken as we were coming into land. Perfect timing for a sunset in the sky.

One of our very favourite places in the big apple, Bryant Park. It was so very cold but the sun was kind to us for a couple of days.

And there we have the fisrt week.

52 Stories – Number Forty Five – First Time for Everything

Late last year I was lucky enough to get my hands on an Ali Edwards Story Kit™ and Story Stamp™ It was part of a sale event. I went for the ‘First’ kit and the ‘Stuff’ stamp set. Love them both and hope she does another sale of these products as they are excellent and packed with good stuff. I have been tempted several times to buy the full priced kits and getting the opportunity to see the products makes me want to hop on board with that even more. We will see…..

Anyway the reason I am rambling about that is because the 4 x 6 card on this layout came from the kit and I loved that it gave me both a spark for the title of the page but also a colour scheme to use too.

First time for everything

Here is the story from this page –

I got Gav into a taxi, now that’s amazing. I’d wanted to take H in a London cab every time we’d visited but had never managed it until this time. The combination of change in my pocket, the 40 minute walk to the Science Museum, the heat and the fact that I needed the loo came together and I just hailed one! It was a speedy trip and so worth the look on Gav’s face.

Have I got the story down? Would I add anything more?

My typing went a little haywire here. I missed words out and ran out of room. Really just wanted to add another sentence or two but it does get over the main idea of the story so I must be satisfied with that.

I also liked having the colours for the two cards from the kit match so well and loved the little wood veneer car.


52 stories is a series (or adventure) in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.




The Click Tick List – Visit the Top of the Rock

We have been away for a few days. I had a big Birthday last week (insert the scream emoji!!) and Gav took me to New York City to soften the blow. He knows how to make me feel better.

We had an eventful few days in the big apple what with Storm Stella swooping by but we didn’t let her dampen our spirits for too long and I needed to get something crossed off my list.

The day after the snow came I was out of our hotel early and at the Rockefeller Centre for the doors to open up on the trip to the Observation Deck. It was 8am and there were just a handful of folk waiting with me for the ticket booth to swing into action.

In fact as it happened I rode the elevator to the 67th floor all by myself and apart from a couple of security guards was alone up there for a while, it was amazing!

And the weather cooperated with me. The views were stunning, clear as far as you could see and the ground lightened by the snowfall. Here we are looking uptown to Central Park and beyond.

Towards the Hudson River and New Jersey.

And towards the East River.

The architecture was impressive.

As was the snow still clinging onto the building.

And my favourite view. Downtown to the Empire State Building, Times Square on the right of the picture and way off in the distance you can just make out the silver sliver of One World Trade Centre (Freedom Tower.)

That view right there, wow. It sends a shiver down my spine. It makes me want to live in the city so I could see it every week. It makes me thankful that I rode to the top of the rock. It makes me happy that I had a sunny morning and a clear view and the place to myself for ten minutes.

It makes me thrilled to have crossed it off my list but I will be back, one day I’m sure because it was just awesome!



Photo a Day – Week Fifty Two

And so here we are at the end of another year in photos!

An ordinary everyday picture of a street here in Leeds complete with red phone box.

A sprinkling of snow.

Pancakes (a day late!)

New trainers. Trying to decide if I like them or not…..

What can I say?

Spring like sunshine.

And finally in this fifty-two weeks worth of photographs, a light filled blossom to go out with a floral bang!

Thanks for sharing our year in pictures. I will be back in a couple of weeks with week one of a brand new photo year.


52 Stories – Number Forty Four – This I Know

Happy Wednesday!

This story is one of those that I aspire to tell. It’s not about the photo, it’s about a lesson taught, learnt and hopefully remembered.

Don’t get me wrong I love telling the everyday stories that relate directly to the picture, the who, what, where, when and why stories. But happening upon one of the less tangible ones makes me happy.

This I Know

Here is the story –

It first struck me, in 2014 when we were riding on that cable car, that when you travel with a child you have to become something you might not usually be. BRAVE. That journey over the River Thames scared me silly but I couldn’t let it show. I had to be brave and pretend all was calm, all was well. It struck me this last visit to London in the same way and I realise that this is a gift. I know that if I can do it with her I any do it anytime. That is something powerful to remember, something good to remember and hold on to. Thanks H.

Have I got the story down? Would I add anything more?

I mentioned last week that I keep a ‘photos to scrap’ album. Somewhere to pop pictures that I love and know I want to use in layouts. I may not have a story in mind I just know I adore the photograph so I keep it to one side. Hmm… I have rather a lot of these!

This photo of me and her went perfectly with my story. I could have a different story with it highlighting the trip we were on or our relationship but I’m glad I used it here. I think it works well.

Overall apart from some dreadful typos and missing words in my typed paragraph (I blame the typewriter…) I love my story and wouldn’t add anything to it.


52 stories is a series (or adventure) in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.


One Little Word® – 2017 – Light

My fourth year doing this project. I usually write something here at the beginning of the year and then forget to share as the year goes on. We’ll see if I can improve on that.

Light came to me around October last year. And as often happens with these things it just stuck around. I pondered a couple of other words – magic and adventure because hopefully we have a potentially adventurous and magical year planned! But I went with light as my focus and I’m keeping the other two close as well.

When I began to think about the word light and all its potential I was filled with joy at the possibilities for my journey with this word.

Here is a stream of consciousness I jotted down about it –

lots to explore – eclipse, all about the light – living under this sun – light to nurture, make stuff grow – light/dark – for photography – candles – twinkle – harness the light – solstice – moonlight – starlight – drawn to it – shadow – travel light – light touch – shine your light – catalyst

Oh so much to think about and work with.

I joined in with the class again this year and for February we were asked to practice something. I loved the practice prompt last year and that was the spark for my increased walking. I carried the prompt into March when I practiced drinking a glass of water before leaving the house every morning. I still do that today and I know it does me good! So practice is a lovely idea to work with.

Although not directly linked with light I chose to practice meditation. Gav and I had a go at meditating in 2015 and we loved it. So we brought the practice of meditation back.

This month we are tasked with making a vision board or a variation on that theme. I’ve not had great success with this prompt in past years but I am willing to give it a go again.

So far I love my word and love the chance to walk along side it this year.

Do you have a word?


One Little Word® is a class over on Ali Edwards site go here to check it out.

52 Stories – Number forty three – Allsorts of Selfies

I’ve said it time and again before…….. hobbies phase in and out. Because I have so many of them (!) I feel that this is a good thing. When I get bored of one there is always another to take its place.

I’ve not been making many scrapbook pages lately but felt inspired last week to make some new ones. The process of bringing out photos, story ideas and supplies always sparks creativity and productivity and now all I want to do is tell more stories and make them into layouts.

To help me with this process I keep an ongoing list of story ideas in the same note book that I use for Project Life® and I transferred all last years ideas to my new book for 2017. I also keep ‘to scrap’ photos together in a regular photo album, a concept I got from a class I took at the old Big Picture Classes run by Stacy Julian. Her idea is to sort through your photos and keep them all handy in one spot. I pulled this set from there.

Allsorts of Selfies

Here is the story from this page –

Oh yes indeed. I don’t just stop at the self timer when we are on our hols. No, I do selfies too. And of course I have to get us both in the frame. Good to see that Gav joins in with equal enthusiasm and FUN! On the drive to downtown LA, On the bus to Hearst Castle, Shadows at the crater, lunch in Paso Robles, Breakfast in Cambria.

Have I told the whole story? Would I add anything more? 

When I gathered these images together way back in 2015 and slipped them into my to scrap system I knew I wanted to highlight the fact that they are all ‘selfies’ but most have a quirky twist on that. I wanted to showcase them all together, to highlight my love of a selfie, that Gav joins in and that we get creative sometimes. That was the main aim of this layout. The words for once were second to the overall visual of this collection of pictures of us together.

I’m happy that my ‘concept’ worked out and I love this page.


52 stories is a series (or adventure) in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.