Project Life® 2017 and some thoughts

This will be my sixth year doing Project Life®. I can’t actually believe that I have been making these albums for that long. It is a way of memory keeping that I love and I hope to keep going with it for a few more years yet. (I have no intention of stopping, it’s just that I know things phase in and out and what I enjoy now could change.)

I was happy to read that Ali is hoping to share her album more this year on her blog and that she is re-running the class she did on this subject. I took the class last year and loved it. I hope to watch all the videos again this month to ignite creativity.

Here is my title page for 2017.

Most of my albums don’t have a completed title page so I’m really happy that I have got this one done. The 4 x 6 cards are from the Dear Lizzie core kit and the Road Trip mini kit. That great stamp ‘collect moments…..’ is from the Ali Edwards Story Stampset ‘Stuff’ that I bought in the sale last year. It’s a great stamp set for honing in on the important things in life.

I cut out a little pooch head from one of the cards from the dog mini kit and added it to the you and me card with some typing done on my manual typewriter.

As of this moment I have completed 3/4 of last years album and the rest of the photos have just arrived from the printers.

I thought it might be interesting to document how I manage this project week to week so I made a list…..

  • I do one side per week more often than not. This means that the year fists into one      12 x 12 album.
  • I almost always use design A page protectors.
  • I have a note book that I write in from day to day diary style.
  • I sketch a design A page protector at the start of each week in the note book.
  • Live life, take photos. The important bit!
  • Upload photos at least once a week (I do this anyway to backup photos and for other blog posts.)
  • Go through the photos with my note book and select the ones I want to print. I keep them in a folder on my computer. I try to do this weekly but in reality I often do three or four weeks in one sitting. I write a brief description of the picture in my note book.
  • As I go through selecting photos I watch for stories to tell, if I find a story I’ll jot it on the page as a reminder.
  • Upload the photos to Photobox. I have used this company here in the UK for years and the quality and service is great. I usually send six – eight weeks at a time.
  • Slip the photos into the pockets when they arrive from the printers.
  • When I feel in the mood to work on the album I use my note book to remind me of the stories I wanted to tell.
  • I’m still using two core kits that I bought in 2013…… The Honey edition and the Dear Lizzie Fifth and Frolic I mention those here. I also bought four mini kits over the last couple of years the pooch one, the seasons, the Road Trip and the DIY shop. I have been thinking that I need to start using some other cards as this is one of the areas I feel a little uninspired with. I don’t think I’ll buy a core kit again as there are too many cards of the same design in the kit and it takes a long time to use them up. Mini kits sound like the way forward for me.

Another thing to say is that I have accepted that I will not be ‘up to date.’ Because I send the photos away to print I have to get enough pictures to make that exercise worthwhile from a cost point of view, as I mentioned above I tend to send a couple of months at a time. I am okay with this. For a couple of years I printed at home but decided it wasn’t worth the cost over the convenience.

And that’s it. My take on Project Life® It is a commitment that’s true but the beauty of picking up any of the albums I have from the last few years and seeing those words and photos is priceless. I can’t recommend it enough.

I have some photos of last year’s album that I will share here soon and then I am going forward with 2017 to live it and document it!


Project Life® is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. I am using the Honey and the Fifth and Frolic ‘Dear Lizzie’ Core Kits, the Seasons, DIY shop, Road Trip and Pooch Mini kits on my pages.

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