Homemade bread – apricot and almond loaf

Our bread maker is one of those with a compartment at the top of the machine where you put additional ingredients that you don’t want to get pulverised in the first knead. It’s quite clever as it has a hatch which opens with a release switch and allows the ingredients to be added at the correct time in the process.

Sounds great. As long as it works…..

I think because our bread maker is a few years old now the catch isn’t quite as robust as it was and it’s a bit of a performance loading up the top compartment because you have to hold hatch door in place from underneath to stop it opening. Then lower the lid of the machine and very gently switch it on. Hmm… like I say a little bit of a performance but worth I think for some of the delicious extra elements you can add into a loaf this way.

The one above has all chopped dried apricots, ground almonds (you add those to the main mix) and slivered almonds. Yum!

It was very tasty and although not savoury we ate it up no problem. I wanted to try it with cheese but I was inspired by the flavours in the loaf to use it as the base of a breakfast recipe.

Anyway, one more crossed off in the book and I’ll share that breakfast recipe soon.