30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Halloumi, Artichoke and Green Olive


So it’s been a while! Not sure how long since I shared a pizza here but this one is the twenty ninth of the thirty.

Three of my favourite ingredients all on one pizza. Win, win. The base is the usual as is the tomato sauce. Ages ago, way back at the start of our pizza adventure I turned one of our everyday pasta dishes into a pizza and honestly it didn’t work. The three ingredients on this pizza are also often used together on pasta dishes in this house but this time the change of carbohydrate did work. Yay! And the combination of the three together is perfect. Maybe it is the addition of the tomato sauce because in the other version we left that off the pizza top.

Anyway glad we persevered with the trial of pasta sauce into pizza experiment and I’m happy to be sharing another pizza here.