Around here and a sunset


I thought I’d just pop in and say hello.


I have been absent from this space for a week or so and I was thinking how to delve back into the blogging thing….

What better way than with a few words about what my brain is up to and a new favourite photo.

Pondering the Tulip order. I say this every year but next year will be the year for Tulips in our garden.

Waiting for the new season of Elementary. Actually I’m waiting for the new season of Elementary, Big Bang Theory, NCIS LA…. well several of my guilty pleasures in the t.v department.

Planning to do lots of sewing in an attempt to finish three quilting projects.

Catching up on scrapbooking. Or at least thinking about it.

Buying new jeans! This is big, huge. I hate that first few weeks getting to know a new pair. I like my old comfy worn in pair. However, I have bought some new and need to get wearing them.

Thinking about the changing of the seasons. That switch from light nights, garden photography, spending time outside to cosy evenings, winter crafting projects, no photography!

Hoping to be inspired and get back on the blog highway soon.

2 thoughts on “Around here and a sunset”

  • I know what you mean about breaking in new jeans, I am in week 2 of the new jeans, oh so stiff. We had heavy frost last night, thankfully any annuals that I plan to keep over winter where up against the brick of the house. I cannot wait to see lots of photos in the spring of all your tulips in full bloom. I planted several of the 150 Canadian special tulip (red/white stripe with gold base). Very nice photo of you both in sun set light.

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