Bloom 2016 – update in August


There is a little sigh happening around here. Summer is winding down. The light is fading earlier and there is a chill creeping into the morning air. And I have not harvested many flowers at all so far this season.


It had been a challenging year what with the greenhouse building. I was thrilled to get so many plants into the garden back in June but the late planting has naturally delayed the picking.


Above are the Cosmos. They are late to flower anyway so hopefully our late start won’t affect those too much. Below you can see that the Nicotiana are starting to bulk up.


Very happy to see self sown Borage.


Ammi struggling along.


My first attempt at Amaranthus……hmm. They have certainly not done quite what the should have because those flower spikes should be about  10 – 15 cms. I think that some plants just don’t do well in our climate.


Take the Zinnias for instance. Here a specimen that had been planed out in the garden at the same time as everything else. It was attacked by slugs and sat there sulking. So I dug most of them up and potted back up and popped them into the greenhouse.


They stated to grow away perfectly. SO my conclusion is that our Leeds temps are just not hot enough. But now I know they’ll grow in the greenhouse I will probably try them in the ground in there next year, if I can wrestle a small bit of space from Gav and his tomatoes!


The sweet peas were planted in my now tried and tested way and are doing well.


And my favourite Antirrhinum ‘Liberty Classic Crimson’ getting ready to flower.


So a little snapshot into what’s what in my cutting patches. Not a total loss just a little late to the party!