Month: July 2016

Photo a Day – week nineteen


We have had a few false starts to summer here in the North of England but last week it made a prolonged effort and was very hot for us in Leeds. We spent lots of time outside and the good weather encouraged us to bath the Budster……As you’ll see he wasn’t much impressed with this event.

But we start with a double treat for reading night. Scones with jam and cream and an early night!


Since the iphone came along I haven’t picked up the big camera as much. I’m aware of it so that’s okay. However the macro lens still gets taken down the garden to capture some of the emerging blooms. Here a Calendula flower. The symmetry and shape of those petals is incredible.


Harvesting potatoes.


Like I said impressed? Not very.


Another part of the lovely Canal Gardens.


Scrambled eggs with mushrooms on homemade toasted olive loaf.


And yep more olive loaf this time with a fried egg and Quorn pepperoni. A suggestion from a fellow veggie colleague. It was really tasty. But the olive bread was a flavour too many. Will experiment.


And that was that.


Bloom 2016 – Free Purple


I love collecting flowers and foliage from the self sown plants that pop up around the garden. It’s flowers for free and that tunes into my frugal side. Truth be told one of the main reasons I grow my own is the cost factor. At the moment I don’t have bushes of fancy roses to pick from but what I do grow is always a joy to sow, pot on and harvest. Growing flowers has become part of my life blood.

In this arragement we have lunaria seed pods, canon went, knautia seed heads, lemon balm, dianthus barbatus oregano foliage and lavender all popped into a little tin can that once held dried yeast. More cost saving!


Hoorah for ‘free’ plants and ‘free’ vases.

Read 2016 – The Cornish Coast Murder by John Bude


A fired passed this book on to me. It is one in a growing series of re-published novels from the 1930’s. I love the idea that old books are getting a second life. Although you do sort of wonder why they disappeared. This one was quite slow but there was nothing wrong with. A couple of good characters as the main protagonists and I would happily read another book with them in it. All in all a nice murder mystery.

52 stories – week thirty five – Gone!


Here we go with another story.



Here is the story from this page –

It was one of those Wednesdays when H came for tea and I asked if she’d help me get some logs from the wood. Trees had been cut down and huge log piles left so we set off with the wheelbarrow. Although not actually doing anything wrong we didn’t want to be spotted and after a couple of incidents with slugs and a frog we heard folk at the end of their garden. We looked at each other and she shouted ‘LEG IT!’ and left me there with a barrow full of logs. Can you believe she left me!

The takeaways from this page/would I add anything more to the story?

I don’t think I would add anything more to this page. Although I left the date off again! I hope that this is another one of those little stories that trigger memories and laughter in years to come.


52 stories is a year long series or adventure in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.

Photo a Day – week eighteen


Normal service resumes with photos of our everyday.

Wandered to the river in my lunch time.


A collection of shoes.


Love this girl so.


The first courgette flowers.


On our walk we found this patch of wildflowers. How pretty is that poppy.


Philadelphus and bee.


Spotted these two from the kitchen window. Bless ’em.


There we go.

52 stories – week thirty three and thirty four


Hello and welcome to two more stories in this year of story telling adventures.

Night Light


Here is the story from this page –

Griffith Park  Los Angeles   28 April 2015

Our evening was all planned out. We’d had a busy day driving to downtown LA to see Endeavour and then Angels Flight. In all that heat. We rested in the hotel a while and were heading out to star spot, the universe kind. Then I got a little grumble in the tum and really didn’t want to venture anywhere. But I did and we stopped in Pasadena to get pizza for Gav, drove along the fast and furious freeways and got there just as it was getting dark. It was really busy but we still managed to look through two telescopes they’d set up outside and saw a demo of the TESLA machine. And saw the twinkling lights of tinsel town below. 

The takeaways from this page/would I add anything more?

I apologise for sharing gastric troubles! A step too far I think but this is such a lovely story (not the troubles but the other parts) from our trip last year that I wanted to share the overall story of that evening. It was really a lovely adventure even if it started of on shaky ground!

Wouldn’t add anything to this one.

And because I’m behind with sharing these here is another one to bring us up to date with week thirty four.

The fun you have with 2 pence



Here’s the story from this page –

If we go to the seaside then we go to the amusement arcade. I remember playing one time when I was H’s age in Scarborough with Nana and Grandad Bill. She like the amusement arcade did my Nana! And look at that adorable smile all because she won back a few 2 pence pieces. Of course it’s just the fun of it all that we love the attempted skill and then that great sound of the coins dropping to indicate that we won. Love this tradition, love that girl.

The takeaways from this page/would I add anything more?

The date! Good grief how can I forget to add the date! I also don’t think that the story flows as well as it could especially the fact that I’ve mixed a memory of mine in and then back to the story of the photo all in two sentences. But I do like that it tells a little story of these visits to coastal arcades.

I’ll just go now and add the date!


52 stories is a year long series or adventure in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.







Bloom 2016 – Silver White


Is this a good thing or a bad? I wait all year for certain flowers to bloom and then can only steel myself to pick them once and leave the rest in the garden?


Good and bad I think. Which is fine. At least I get one arrangement. The flower in question on this vaseful are the Viburnum opulus. Those green/white orbs of dense wonder. They begin tight and firm, lime green and fresh signalling everything about spring in one flower head. Then as they mature the grow in size and develop into voluminous white balls, loose and frothy.

Along with them are Euphorbia, Lunaria, Hesperis and the grey foliage from an ornamental pear tree whose boughs hang over into our garden from next door! (I asked before I cut them.)

The annuals are slowly growing and filling out and hopefully I’ll be cutting a few stems from them soon.

Photo a Day – week seventeen


Here we go with another ‘themed’ week. Yep, it’s Buddy week!

Found himself a ball……


Catching up on some sleep on my side of the bed!


Buddy long legs…..


You know that purple throw was supposed to be for the living room until someone took it for himself. Comfy much?


He likes a spot in the sun.


Watching all the action in the garden.


What can I say?


It’s a hard life being the Budster!


Photo a Day – week sixteen


Weeks are flying by!

A walk to Canal Gardens again. We are very lucky to have this garden and the park on our doorstep.


I was awake at 4am and for some reason looked out of the window. I was rewarded.


Out for an early walk with Buddy in my bright orange t-shirt…..not sure it’s me but I’m wearing it anyway!


The light and the seeds inside a Lunaria seed head.


So on Friday this girl had an occasional day off school. We went to the seaside and found one of those annoying grab the cuddly toy games….. But look what it was filled with! Ba-na-na! As you can tell I was quite pleased with this find. Unfortunately, even though H got one of them in the grabber claw three times we didn’t win. Those machines……..grr. But we did have fun trying.


Another sky. So pretty.


‘Tis the season for the Knautia. The bees love these plants so much and I love taking their photos. Always trying to improve my macro lens skills.


Thanks for popping in to share our week in pictures.

Read 2016 – The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater


Waited ages for this, the last in Raven Cycle, to be published. Here are my thoughts on book one, two and three.

Although I would say that I enjoyed it and it was good I was a teeny bit disappointed because it seemed to me like she tied the ending up in a neat bow in a very few pages. We pressed on meeting new characters, discovering new revelations then all of a sudden it was all finished and done. Maybe I should give YA a rest? Ha! Who am I kidding, that will never happen.

After thinking about this series of books for a while I came to a conclusion about Maggie and her books. Apologies if this was obvious! Her novels mirror growing up. I guess all YA books do because well the characters do grow up as the time in a story progresses. But Maggie tends to have all manner of crazyness happen to her characters then they come out the other side and get on with their lives. Just like the teenage years! She does it well and it’s a good lesson built into the novels, it’ll all be okay.

That was that then, another series bites the dust.