Read 2016 – Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers


Yes, more Dorothy. But this one, oh this one I struggled with so much. I found it quite surprising that after reading ten of her books and yes I have struggled with a few, this one almost got the better of me. It is way too long and there isn’t much action and Lord Peter is absent from over half the book. I think that author was indulging herself in a female lead here, testing out and pushing poor old Harriet to craft a different type of story and for me she failed. I was glad I kept reading but so thankful when I got to the end.

I have only one novel left to read in the Lord Peter series and although Gaudy was not fun I’m sure I will read Busman’s Honeymoon. (Another author came along and wrote some modern ones about the same characters and maybe I’ll read those?)

Anyway onward to a complete change of pace…..the final instalment of the Raven Cycle!