Week In The Life™ – review part one


Hello and welcome to a little review of some of my photos from the recent  Week In The Life™  project.

I didn’t share my photos in the week itself because I was a tad stressed at work (a colleague had an accident, she’s on the mend thank goodness, and will be on long-term sick. I foolishly/kindly said I would cover some of her work, which was a challenge as I didn’t have a clue how to do it.)

So I thought I’d just share them as a recap.

Here is Monday to Thursday.


Over the Monday and Tuesday I only took about 20 photos. Like I say stressed!




Some of the photos I took are to document little things, well this whole project does that doesn’t it? This picture of things hanging from our open wardrobe doors is a little thing but something to remember. We are very bad at not putting clothes away and leaving these doors open. Just wanted that odd fact captured.



Rain on the new greenhouse. I love that brand new experience. And I am so looking forward to spending time in there come rain or shine.


Here a large collection of Emma.


Took this girl to a new Pizza place. You order the pizza by the half metre!



I never have a hot drink with a sandwich so documenting the fact that today I did. And I’m sat at my colleagues desk – that’s her little note book. I wanted to capture that I’m sat somewhere different at work right now.


Good old games night for Gav and his BFF, they connect online and play the same games……..yawn!


There we go.

I think that I’m going to make an 8 x 8 album this time round with a double page spread for each day rather than a pocket page style. I made that sized album for the first Week In The Life™ I took part in and looking back I think it is my favourite. It was way back in 2010 and is bitter sweet because it was only a few weeks before we lost our other little pooch. Like I say bitter sweet but I am so glad I have the large amount of pictures from that time to remember him by.  I’ll take some photos of the album and share here.

Here is a link to my 2012 finished album. I never got round to posting the 2015 album…… maybe one day.

I’ll be back with Friday to Sunday.