Photo a Day – week nine


This week I played along with Ali’s Week In The Life . I have a lot of photos from this week but here are the seven that

What can I say? That pooch is the most adorable.


Blossom and green.


I took more timed shots this week than I have in years. It’s good to get in the photos. Here is the real life we live in. Cluttered, messy, small but loved.


More blossom. Well it doesn’t last long so we must celebrate it.


The first English asparagus of the season.


My niece came for a sleepover and we were going to watch Frozen on the Netflix, but it wasn’t on anymore so we played dominoes instead. I love Frozen but love games too.


This one, well. My older niece has got my younger niece hooked on Once Upon a Time (a fairy tale based tv show) and ever since the younger one has been watching it she has been asking to make a bow and arrow! Danger girl! Gav is always happy to make stuff so this is them returning from foraging for a suitable branch to make it from.

She is still attached to her phone in this shot. I like the juxtaposition of ancient and modern technology. Also the making of this equipment came along with several safety talks about lethal weapons!


I’m undecided about whether I’ll put these photos in a designated album for the Week In The Life project. But I will ba back to share more photos from this week.